Instructions for placing my order

Stages of your order:

1 - The first step you should take is to add the necessary amount to your shopping cart and, if necessary, select the type of print you want.

If you need to customize a product with text, such as wedding invitations, once your order is placed, you can send us the text you want to include directly by e-mail to or in response to the order confirmation email.

There is also another option to send text through the website itself, in a section called CUSTOMIZATION, which is located just below the ADD TO THE CESTA button, where you can type the text you need. After finishing your text you will need to press the save button and then add the product to your shopping cart.

We recommend using the same fonts and colors as you will find in the wedding invitation example of our online store, but if they are not to your liking and you would like to change them, you should tell us which or what you want to use (it can be any typeface compatible with Windows and free use).

In digital printing you can choose any color except gold and silver,as it is not possible to reproduce them faithfully under this printing technique.

In embossed printing there is a range of 10 colors:

  • Black
  • Rosa-fuchsia
  • Yellow
  • Dark blue
  • Purple
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Lila

Once this is completed, your order would already be in progress.

2 - The second step, if your order includes printing the text, will consist of reviewing the print test in PDF format that we will send you to verify that the text to be included is to your liking and does not contain any errors.

  • If the proof of printing is correct, you must reply to the email in which we send it to you with your ok.
  • If any changes need to be made to it, you must ask us for the changes to be made and we will send you a new print test for your new review.