Is PRINTING included in the price?

The price of wedding invitations does not include text printing,if you want your printed wedding invitations, don't forget to add the print to your shopping cart, you can find the option above the add button to cart. Printing price includes printing up to 200 units, for larger orders to consult.

You can check the different types of printing by clicking here


Is the I.V.A. included in the price?

Yes, the I.V.A. is included in the price.


How do I send my text?

You will find a tab attached in each product with the name PRINT TEXT, just below the ADD TO CART button where you can add your custom text, do not forget to click save before adding the desired amount to your cart.

Also if you wish, you can send us an email info@invitacionesdiferentes.com with your text.


Can I see what it looks like before I receive it?

Before printing your wedding invitations, we will send you, within a maximum period of 6 working days, a print test in .pdf format, in which you can see what your wedding invitations will look like and modify them if necessary.


How and within what timeframe are my wedding invitations served?

Wedding invitation orders are served unassembled, except for one unit as an example. The print time, once given the OK to the test, is 15 working days. Minimum order of 25 units. You can click here to see in detail the delivery times.


Differences between digital printing and embossed printing?

In Different Invitations we offer you two types of printing for your wedding invitations, digital or relief, which we go on to explain to them:


Our printing machines allow us to perform a digital printing with LED system, the latest on the market, which offers a number of advantages over other prints:

  • It is we ourselves who carry out this process, with our own machinery, so that delivery times are considerably reduced
  • Lower cost per copy for small quantities, our price being the most competitive in the market. With orders less than 200 invitations you will only pay 25 euros.
  • High quality finish, leaving the ink completely fixed to the paper, thus avoiding blurs and other imperfections.
  • Great versatility, adapting to all kinds of paper, with professional results.


This is an impression that, as its name suggests, has relief, that is, if we pass our fingers through the text we will notice perfectly the letters and how they differ from the plain paper. The result is very showy in certain models of wedding invitations, although for others we do not advise it. We suggest that you ask us for feedback before placing your order if you are not clear about your choice.

This printing has a cost higher than the digital system, creating 45 euros for orders less than 200 invitations.


Can you choose fonts and colors other than web models?

We recommend using the same fonts and colors as you will find in the wedding invitation example of our online store, but if they are not to your liking and you would like to change them, you should tell us which one or what you want to use (it may be any Windows-compatible and free-usetypography) before performing the print test.

As for colors, in digital printing you can choose any color except gold and silver,as it is not possible to reproduce them faithfully under this printing technique.

In embossed printing there is a range of 10 colors:

  • Black
  • Rosa-fuchsia
  • Yellow
  • Dark blue
  • Purple
  • Silver
  • Gold