39813 Parchment Cardnovel Invitation

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Wedding invitation in parchment format, die-cut into and background printing simulating wood (you will find more information and options below).

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Parchment and birds wedding invitation Cardnovel 39813

Wedding invitation in parchment format, die-cut and background printing simulating wood.

In the corners there is a fun bird-shaped drawing of a bride and groom, as well as floral motifs on the top and bottom.

The wedding invitation is accompanied by a box made of kraft cardboard to insert the parchment in it, with a thin cardboard band with a floral illustration where the names of the bride and groom can be included.

Parchment made of 110 gram paper and 250 gram kraft cardboard box.

In this wedding invitation the box, parchment and band are included in the price.

The open card measures 22.5 x 16.6 cm and the closed box is approximately 17.5 x 4.5 x 3.5 cm.

Can I see how my invitation looks before I receive it?

Yes, before printing your wedding invitations, within 6 working days from the order payment confirmation we will send you a print test in .pdf format, in which you can see how your wedding invitations will look and request them from us. changes you deem necessary.

How do I send my text?

You will find just below the add to cart button the enabled box in which to include the data or text to be printed on your wedding invitation (do not forget to press save before adding the desired quantity to your cart). Also if you wish, you can send us an email to info@invitacionesdiferentes.com with your text and indicating the order number.

Is printing included in the price?

The price of this wedding invitation does not include text printing, if you want your wedding invitations with printed text, do not forget to mark the type of printing desired (you can find the printing options available above the "Add to cart" button), The printing prices are valid for orders of up to 200 units, for larger orders, consult.

How and in what time frame are my wedding invitations served?

Wedding invitation orders are served unassembled, except for one assembled unit as an example. The printing period, once the test is OK, is 15 business days.

What are the different types of printing?

-I don't want text printing: I would receive your order without text printing. -Digital printing of text: The printing of text is done by means of digital printers (the best quality / price ratio). -Digital printing in two languages: Part of the order is printed in one language and part in another. -Embossed printing : The printing is made in relief to the touch (it can only be done in 1 color, please check available colors).

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, due to the tightness of our prices, the minimum order is 25 units.


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39813 Parchment Cardnovel Invitation

39813 Parchment Cardnovel Invitation

Wedding invitation in parchment format, die-cut into and background printing simulating wood (you will find more information and options below).

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